This page will provide you with general information on what you should know about WalmartOne and further information about the Walmart Associate Online portal. There is information on viewing your Walmart paystubs on the internet and how you can check your schedule on Walmart as well as help when you need to login and you are facing challenges. The benefits of the Walmart One system has to offer and tax information. There is also an added segment about the Walmart Wire portal.

WalmartOne vs

For those who have just been employed by Walmart, the fact that there is a website, a website and a My website can cause you some confusion however, please note that the website and the have been discontinued and the WalmartOne website was made as a replacement.  However, the webpage is still functional, hence a user can log into the system from that page.

Logging into Walmart Associate.

If you have a WalmartOne Associate account, it enables you to be able to access various services such as being able to view your benefits that you get from Walmart, view your schedule of work, check on the latest company news, view your paystubs and get to communicate with your workmates via social messaging.


Although you can do all these you are required to have an account and log into it so as to be able to access them. Before you even get to login on the Walmart system, you need to register and for this you will need personal number which is known as the Walmart Identification Number (WIN). When registering, you will use this Walmart Identification Number and some personal information including the date that you were hired by Walmart. Please note that there is a difference between Walmart Wire which is the work login, and WalmartOne login.

If in any circumstance you are not able to get your Walmart Identification Number, you have the option of downloading a barcode scanning app after which you scan a barcode that is on your Walmart badge. The number begins with 41 after which the remaining numbers make up your Walmart Identification Number.

Retrieving Forgotten username or Password.

In any case you find that you are unable to remember your username and password as required for the Walmart system, you can be able to retrieve your username or reset your password for you to regain access into your account. Once you are on the login webpage, there are links that you can click on; the ‘Forgot User ID’ link and the ‘Forgot Password’ link. If you click on the ‘Forgot User ID link, you will get your username emailed to you via an email address you provided earlier.

If you click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link, you will be required to answer a security question after which you can be able to reset your password. If you are unable to answer the security question, you can contact the WalmartOne help service team at (800) 421 – 1362 and they will assist you.

How to clear the “User not found” error.

At times, you may get an error message “User not found” and this indicates that the user information you keyed in cannot be found. This is because the user information which you keyed in is not similar to any of the information that is in the system therefore a match cannot be made. To solve this, you will need to call your Human Resource representative so that they can give you the right information to enable you to proceed.

New Employee access into WalmartOne

New employees may not be on the WalmartOne system just yet because one cannot have an account on WAlmartOne at least until they have received their first paycheck. Therefore, new Walmart employees will be unable to register on WalmartOne until they have been paid at least once.  Furthermore, if one leaves Walmart then comes back again, the re-hired employee will still have to register again and this is because once one leaves Walmart,

I cannot log into the Walmart Associate portal from home.

It is important to note that while at work, the portal you use is the Walmart Wire portal which is not the same as the Walmart One portal. Therefore, you cannot log into the Walmart Wire system from home but you can access WalmartOne.

How to contact WalmartOne Helpline.

If you are having difficulties in using the WalmartOne portal as an employee, there is a help line available that you can call for assistance. Whether you need information on how to do something or maybe you forgot either your password or your User ID, you can reach the help team at 1-800-421-1362.

Logging into Walmart Wire

Walmart Wire is only accessible to employees who are signed in to the stores system and this is because Walmart Wire is an internal network and can only be accessed from an internal source with an internal IP address. Hence, unlike WalmartOne which you can access from anywhere including your home, and employee cannot gain access into the Walmart Wire portal while at home.

The system is set like this due to both legal and security issues. If one was able to log into Walmart Wire from home, it would mean that once they login, they would be on the clock and should be paid yet in real sense they are at home.

How to use WalmartOne to view your Walmart Schedule

One of the advantages that you get when you use WalmartOne is that it gives you the ability to see your work schedule online. You can view your Walmart schedule simply by logging into the WalmartOne system. Once you go to the login page and key in your user identification followed by your password, you will be directed to your work schedule.


Access Walmart Paystubs

In order for you to view your paystubs in detail, you must first log into the Paystub Portal. This allows you to view in great detail and to be able to login you will use your date of birth, your Walmart Identification Number, your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and the number of your facility. Once you are on the Paystub Portal web page, simply click ‘Register Now’ and proceed to configure your Walmart Paystub Account.

Accessing Walmart paystubs via Text messages or Emails

Apart from viewing your paystubs on the portal, you can also have your paystubs sent to you in an automated manner through either email or text messages. The emails will be sent to your email address and text messages to your phone. However, you should note that they are sent one day before your actual payday, hence, they will be sent to you on Mondays.

So as to be able to enjoy such convenience, you will have to go to Money Network website and then click ‘Login to Paystub Account’. Next you will be required to enter your birthdate in a specific format of Month – Day – Year, followed by your Walmart employee identification number which has 9 digits, then the facility number which has 4 digits and finally you key in your password.

This will log you into the system then you select the option written ‘Email & Text Messages’. Once you have done this, make sure to save the settings of your account before logging out. However, if you come across difficulties using the system in any way, you can contact the Money Network Customer Service by calling 1-800-903-4698.

WalmartOne Mobile App.

For easy access via mobile devices, Walmart employees can install the WalmartOne app on devices that run on either Android or the IOS systems. Having this app will enable you to see your paystubs and your schedule from your mobile device.

For users of devices running on Android by installing WalmartOne (WMI) Android version while for those who have devices running on IOS system will install WalmartOne (WMI) IOS version. There are employees facing difficulties with the app in terms of either logging into the app of verifying it and they are therefore advised to have at least an Android version of 4.0 or higher for Android users and iPhone IOS 7.0 or higher for the app to work efficiently without glitches. However, if the difficulty you are facing is constant messages showing there has been an error, then you should try to login during off-peak hours.

To get help in solving other issues that you may face in using the app you can call 1-800-421-1362 or 1-800-530-9929 and choose option 2, 2 and this will take you to WalmartOne Support Line.

Benefits that Walmart offers.

There are numerous benefits that an individual gets simply by working for Walmart. For one, Walmart has various health care plans that start as low as $23.20 for each pay period. The health care plans will include medical plans, a vision plan and a dental plan. There is a plan that offers coverage for domestic partners as well.


There are several other benefits that come with being a Walmart Associate which include:

  • Access discounts as an associate through the Associate Discount Center where associates can get discounts on goods and services including cell phone services and travel.
  • There is a Program known as the Centers of Excellence which means that for various select procedures of the heart and spine, various surgeries and some treatments are offered at no costs for the associates.
  • Associates get a Discount Card from Walmart which gives them a 10% discount when they buy vegetables, merchandise and fresh fruit from a Walmart store.
  • There is access to health care advisors and nurse care managers for free.
  • Associates get a purchasing plan for stock that is a match with that of the company.
  • There is a reimbursement plan to reimburse for eligible network and non-network expenses caused by medical issues.
  • Life insurance paid for by the company
  • Insurance that covers disability both on the short-term and long-term
  • Associates get resources to enable them live well, free counselling that is confidential and health information.
  • Insurance that covers critical illnesses.
  • Insurance that covers accidents as a result of business travel
  • Insurance that covers dismemberment and deaths caused by accidents

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