Amazon Customer Service Phone Numbers

Companies that wish to provide quality service and products to their customers will have a customer service department to cater to any issues that customers may face. Amazon has its own customer service department and there are numerous ways through which one can contact them for assistance. Here, you will get the phone numbers that you can use to contact Amazon customer service team as well as other options you can explore if you need support or assistance related to Amazon.

Amazon is the largest online retail store in the world and it has a major presence in various countries in the world such as the United States of America, India, France, the United Kingdom and Spain amongst others. There are dedicated websites to enhance operational efficiency in different countries and each country has its own customer service as well as complaints department. This makes it easy for customers in that particular country to have their problems resolved and their complaints heard.

The options available to customers who want to contact the Amazon customer care team include calling over the phone, using live chat, sending mail or sending an email. Previously Amazon had a completely automated customer service but this is no longer the case. Currently, you can contact customer care at Amazon and speak to a real person or email, or live chat with a real person. This was adopted so as to make customer care more user-friendly as well as efficient.

Amazon Customer Service Phone-Numbers

If you chose to use email, you send an email through an email form and with this, you further get the option to have the company to call you in 5 minutes on the phone number that is indicated as your home number. However, there are other services that are still automated at Amazon such as payment accounts, tracking of orders already that a customer has made and managing the delivery address of orders made. You can use the automated system through your account on Amazon.

For customers and clients who reside in the United States of America and in Canada, Amazon has a main phone number to be used for contacting their customer service team. If you are in these regions, you can call 1-866-216-1072 which is the main customer service number. Please note that when you call there is a 4-minute wait on average before you are connected; hence please wait patiently to be connected. You can call this number any time since it is always open for 24 hours a day, all the 7 days in a week. For easy connection, please do not press anything when calling, or say anything until you are connected. You should also not press 0, and this will make it easier for you to be connected.

Amazon further offers an automated customer service system which clients and customers can access online. It can be found on Amazon’s official Help Page and once there you scroll down the page until you see the “Need More Help” option and click on it. Go to “Contact Us” after which you will have to fill in an email form and state the issue and what help you need and you will get a response.

Email Form for Amazon Customer Service

If you wish to log your complaints or seek assistance via email, Amazon has an email form for email services to customers and clients. To access this form, simply go to Contact Us and the email form will appear. On the email form, you will be required to select the most appropriate category according to the nature of your complaint. This works to ensure quick response, as your email will be handled by a representative according to the category selected.

After selecting a category, there are a few questions for you to answer and you can select whether to proceed with email or actually get to chat with a customer service representative. Furthermore, you can choose to have Amazon call you and if you select this option, a customer care representative will call you either on your mobile phone or your home number.

Apart from this option, you can select the “Call me now” option and you will be able to talk to a customer service representative or you can select to be called after 5 minutes have elapsed. Amazon has a dedicated number to cater for international customers. This is intended to enhance service delivery and make it easier to handle customer issues. International customers should call Amazon customer service on 1-206-266-2992, however, please note that calling charges may apply.


Live Chat with Amazon Customer Service

Amazon has a live chat option for customers who want quick assistance. This service is a fast way of contacting customer service at Amazon and getting step by step guidance until you have your issue solved in a satisfactory manner. However, the service is only available to clients within the United States of America only and other countries cannot access this.

Alternative Customer Service Numbers for Amazon

Amazon has various alternative phone numbers that customers can use so as to reach the customer service team and get any help that they need. These numbers are available so as to make it easier and faster to reach a customer service representative and get assistance as fast as possible. When the main number takes too long to connect, you can use the alternative number. For automated services, the customer service alternate number is 1-888-280-3321. There is also a toll-free customer service number which you can call. To call toll free as a customer, call 1-888-280-4364.

If you wish to reach the customer service team via email, their alternative email address that you can email directly is You can email this address directly and you do not need to use the email form. For those customers who need help and support that is related to Kindle, there is a dedicated phone number that they can call. For customer service related to Kindle, call 1-866-321-8851.

For Amazon AWS, there is no customer service number for one to call, but rather if you need to get AWS support, you simply sign into your AWS account, and from your account, you can go to Support Center and create a case and when you go to the contact option, you chose Phone. International customers have a dedicated line too, and they can call 1-206-266-2992, however, it is important to note that for an international customer, charges may apply when they call this number.

For Amazon customers in Canada, if they need customer service assistance, they should call 1-877-586-3230. To further enhance customer service, Amazon has a phone number that is dedicated for Amazon customers and clients in the United Kingdom. Customers in the United Kingdom who wish to contact the Amazon customer service team should call 0-800-496-1081.

Amazon has a dedicated customer care team for the Indian market, offering customer service in India. There are Amazon India customer service numbers that one can call if in India or if you are having issues that are related to Amazon India. To contact Amazon India customer service, call 022-30430101. Amazon further has a toll free line for Indian customers so as to enhance customer service. To call Amazon India toll free line, call 1-800-30009009.

If you want to know more about Amazon India in terms of business or you have business inquiries to make, you can call Amazon India’s number for business services instead of calling customer service and this will enable you to receive a prompt response. To contact Amazon India business services team, call 1-800-419-7355. The purpose is to have a number which customers in India can call and have business related queries addressed as fast as possible thus making it easy to use Amazon for business.

Amazon has a Complaint Forum which enables a customer to interact with other users and therefore, a customer’s complaint can be addressed by other users who previously faced the same issue and were able to resolve it. One can also view previous topics discussed and answers provided to previous questions especially if you have a similar question. This offers a great platform to quickly get assistance and get answers to questions you may have rather than having to contact customer service.

Amazon Social Media Pages

Businesses have taken to social media so as to communicate and connect with customers and potential customers as well as offer quick customer service. Social media is also a great platform that one can use so as to increase their presence online, gain market share as well as publicize information. Amazon has various social media pages that customers and clients can use so as to contact Amazon if they have any queries or are facing challenges that they wish to have resolved.

To contact Amazon on Facebook, you can visit the official Amazon Facebook Page. This page will provide regular information about various products, promotions, and discounts if any that are available on Amazon. You can also use the Facebook page to communicate with Amazon and make inquiries or complaints as well as seek customer service.

Amazon is also available on twitter and you can keep checking their twitter handle as well as their tweets for the latest news regarding Amazon. You can also tweet Amazon in case you need information or you need help. Contact Amazon on Twitter for a quick response as well as chatting with a representative. If you need help you can contact customer support on their Amazon Help Twitter handle.

Amazon further has a LinkedIn page where you can follow them and connect with them as well as send messages. This page provides information about the company and what they do. If you need information, you can as well send a message to Amazon LinkedIn page.

To contact the Amazon customer service team, use any of the provided methods. Choose the method that best suits you and the urgency with which you would like to have your matter resolved. Some issues can actually be addressed without you having to call customer care, while others may need you to call, and others can be addressed by other Amazon users on the Complaint forum, by users who have experienced similar issues.

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