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This page gives you all the information that you need about the ADP iPay Statements Payroll solution, and it provides help with regards to how to Login, the various features that ADP iPay has to offer and some of the questions which ADP iPay users frequently ask.


What You Need to Know about ADP iPay.

ADP is a company that offers payroll facilities to businesses of varying sizes, both large and small, services such as processing of payrolls and the filing of payroll taxes. The ADP website states that the ADP iPay payroll services have the advantage of enhancing a business’s productivity and it further ensures timely payment of employees’ salaries. Currently, ADP is used by over 400,000 small companies Worldwide to manage their payrolls. ADP iPay Statements further allows you to control direct deposits so as to ascertain that money is not paid into the wrong account, while at the same time; employees will electronically receive and view their paystubs.

Features offered by ADP iPay.

ADP iPay has various features that are available for both small and large businesses and organizations to use in managing their payrolls and they can access them through the website:

  1. iPay Statements

On the iPay statements page, one can access weekly Pay Statements which you can either view or choose to print. You may also be able to view the pay checks for previous employers’ but only if the past employers also made use of ADP so as to process their payrolls in their businesses or organizations.

With ADP iPay you can do without paper statements and opt to go paperless by choosing to view your statements electronically and you may set it up in such a way that you receive automated emails each time the wage statement is accessible online. This helps to save time looking or preparing the pay statements.

  1. Direct Payments and Deposits

From the ADP iPay website, you can do direct deposits or payments into accounts and you can also add and edit Direct Payment accounts, adding them, deleting and changing them as you wish. However, it is important to take note that if you remove a Direct Payment account, the system shall maintain it as a pending account until the point when you have successfully added and correctly set up a different direct payment account. This is because you need to have a properly set up and functioning direct deposit account before you get to delete the previous ones.

  1. Tax Processing

From the ADP iPay portal, you are able to manage Federal w-4 TAX choices and you can change them as you will. The system will carry out tax withholding for you and will make the necessary remittances from payments before they are made to employees’ accounts. This makes the whole process of paying income tax easier, especially for a business or an organization that has many employees.

  1. Yearly Statements

Users can view your tax details and the yearly tax forms on the ADP iPay Statements portal. All you need to do is select a tax year and you will see the details of the tax paid in that particular year. The ADP iPay will save your yearly tax reports for a period of up to 3 years; therefore you can view annual tax statements that go as far back as three years. This saves you the time it takes to manually prepare your annual statements if you are using a manual system to manage your payrolls or if you use a system that does not prepare automated annual statements.

  1. Personal Information

At times, some of the personal information that you initially provide when registering for the website may change and therefore, you can access and edit some of your personal information via the ADP iPay website, such as your Address and contact telephone numbers, the information as to who should be contacted in case of an emergency. All these information can be deleted, edited or added via the website.


Due to ADP having a range of payments and human resource software, sometimes users get confused as to which site they should use and therefore, some personnel are not able to know which website they should use so as to check their statements and pay slips and this brings about challenges in using the great services offered by the ADP iPay system.

The login procedure for ADP iPay.

One can only have the right to use the ADP iPay statements systems after he or she has successfully registered and this means that you have a username and a password so as to be able to log into the ADP system. The username and the password are obtained from ADP iPay systems itself and you get them on registration.

Registration procedure for ADP iPay.

You will need to go to the iPay registration webpage on iPay Registration so as to be able to register. There is a code for registration required, which you will receive from ADP in the form of an email or you can get it from your organization’s administrator. Please note that it is a must for you to have a registration code before you can proceed with your registration. Once you key in the code given, you simply follow the guidelines.

How to Log into the ADP iPay System:

  1. To log in, go to the Log in page, Log In so as to sign into the system.
  2. The next step is to click on Login
  3. Once you click, you are required to key in your credentials. When you register, you are given a username and this is the username you use for iPay. It is normally the first letter of your first name then your surname followed by @ symbol and then the company name. Key in your username, then key in your password so as to be able to login. You get to set up your own desired password during the registration process which you should not forget. Remember that passwords are case sensitive and even if you type the same thing, but in uppercase letters, it will fail to login since the password in in lowercase letters.


Help for ADP iPay Login issues.

At times users experience various challenges when they try to login. The iPay password is sensitive to the type of case you use, either lowercase or uppercase, so ensure that the Caps Lock function on your keyboard is turned off before you key in your password.

Remember that the username and password required so as to login are the ADP iPay identification and password. Do not use the user identification and password which you have set up for your company’s network. You receive all these upon successful registration.

Ensure that you turn off pop-up blockers when you want to login into the ADP iPay system because various pop-up blockers will stop the User ID and Password tab not to pop-up.

What to do if you forget your ADP iPay User Identification.

In case you forget your user ID required for you to login, simply click the ‘Forgot Your User ID?’ tab and you will receive guidelines to answer a security question. Once you successfully answer the question, you will see your User ID shown then you can proceed to key in your password and login, as long as you remember your correct password. The security question that you answer so as to get your User ID is set up during registration.

Help to reset ADP iPay Forgotten Password.

In case it is your password that you have forgotten, you can be able to reset it or set up a new password. Click the ‘Forgot Your Password’ link and again you will be required to answer a security question, after which you can modify your password. Once you have a new password set up, use it and your system ID so as to login. The security question that you answer to get a new password is set up during the registration period.

How to Regain Access into the iPay website.

If you are locked out of the website, try to log in after about 5 minutes, or you can click on the link ‘Forgot your User ID/ password?’ The other option is for you to communicate with the company administrator so as to get the password reset and once your password has been reset you regain access into your account.

ADP iPay App Available for Mobile Devices.

For easy access from anywhere, you can install the ADP iPay mobile app into your mobile devices which will allow you to access the ADP system and most of the products it offers from the convenience of your mobile phone. Depending on whether your phone runs on Android or iOS, you can get the ADP app. The ability to have the ADP iPay app on mobile devices means that you are able to work remotely on your devices rather than having to go to your computer any time you need to use the ADP iPay system.


To get it on android, simply got to Android and to get it on iOS simply go to iTunes and download the app. Once downloaded, simply let the app install and you can proceed to access the ADP iPay products available. The app brings ADP iPay closer to you, enabling you to operate it from anywhere.

The ADP app offers mobility and access to services for companies, managers and employees who use various ADP products which are Portal Self Service, ALINE Card from ADP, iPay Statements, Vantage, Workforce Now, TotalSource and Run. These are the ADP products that are accessible via the app, otherwise if not accessible via the app you can access via the normal websites.

Further Resources for ADP Login.

ADP offers a wide variety of resources to businesses and organizations all aimed at easing various processes involved in running the business. Therefore, there are various other ADP Login Resources which are available according to which service from ADP iPay you wish to access on the ADP iPay system such as:

All ADP Login Pages

ADP Run Payroll Login Page

ADP iPay Statements Employee Login Page

ADP Portal Login Page

ADP iPay Administrator Login Page

ADP WorkForceNow Login Page

These resources will help you to login into the various login pages for the different services that ADP iPay offers you and your business whether large or small.



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